the best dairy free chocolate to put in your trolley

jessica cox | the best dairy free chocolate to put in your trolley

With Easter just around the corner (seriously didn’t my family just leave after Christmas a few weeks ago?) I thought it was an apt time to look at a breakdown of the best, and shall we say not so best, dairy free chocolates on the mainstream market. I haven’t gone into health food stores or online shopping for this as I wanted to keep it in the easy access pile for ...

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why 'selfish' is not a dirty word

jessica cox | why 'selfish' is not a dirty word

This blog post was inspired by one of my besties. Often the ones who have the biggest hearts and give the most are the ones who forget to give to themselves.


You’re being selfish. It sounds so negative doesn’t it. The word selfish conjures up thoughts of over indulgent behaviour and self entitlement that reflects poorly on who we ...

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the best gluten free breads to put in your trolley

jessica cox | best gluten free breads

After a lot of interest in 'the best diary free milks to put in your trolley' post a few months back, I thought it was only natural to move over to another common staple, bread. Bread often provides a challenge for those of us making choices based on not only food intolerances, but also ...

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the jcn healthy gut testing package

jessica cox | the jcn new year healthy gut package

Here at the JCN Clinic we are super passionate about gut health! Why? Our digestive system is the epicenter of our health and wellbeing. If it is not functioning properly everything else in our body suffers. We end up with digestive disturbances, we feel tired and fatigued, we don’t handle and/or manage the daily ...

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bach' pack!...this ones for you boys

jessica cox | jcn clinic - bach' pack!...this ones for you boys

The JCN Clinic is excited to announce The Bach’ Pack. Boys, this one’s for you.

Over the last couple of years it has come to our attention that there are many of you fine gentlemen out there who really truly want to eat healthy but are a tad over whelmed with all the information about what constitutes a healthy meal and how to put one together, and when ...

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