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The JCN Clinic Real Food Reset



The JCN Real Food Reset designed by JCN Clinical Nutritionists is a 2-week plan designed to fuel your body with whole foods and create a nourishing foundation.

Our Real Food Reset is a guide for you to utilise and help navigate the sometimes overwhelming task of eating whole foods. The JCN Real Food Reset has been designed to be abundant in vegetables, fibre, wholegrains, protein and omega 3 fatty acids – all of which are necessary to support your body’s detoxification processes, energy requirements, digestion and brain function.

We also recommend the Real Food Reset for those clients interested in a ‘taste’ of what we do at The JCN Clinic. The Real Food Reset can be a wonderful ‘kick starter’ before starting a treatment protocol with your JCN clinical nutritionist, especially if you have some weeks to fill before your initial appointment.

It is hoped that by following this plan, you will gain practice and knowledge in how to compose a balanced meal, therefore maintaining these new habits as a lifestyle change.

Start your JCN Real Food Reset today! 


Please note, The JCN Real Food Reset is NOT a diet.

At the JCN Clinic, our goal is always to educate you on how to construct macronutrient balanced meals. Macronutrient balanced meals provide blood sugar regulation, satiety and stability between meals and therefore reduced unnecessary over-eating. It is hoped that by following this plan, you will gain practice and knowledge in how to compose a balanced meal in a healthy, wholefood way.

Our naturopath and herbalist Paige Redford has additionally designed our “Cleanse Tea”, a herbal tea to support liver detoxification and digestion to accompany the Real Food Reset. In addition to following the recipes within the JCN Real Food Reset, we encourage you to drink a cup per day for optimal benefits.



  • Elle Pace says:

    Are there any corses on how to tweek your macros for weight loss

    • Jessica Cox says:

      Hi Elle, this is certainly a topic we are looking into as far as understanding macro’s. Thanks for the feedback as we will definitely keep it in mind with new workshops coming up.

  • Ellen says:

    Hey there

    How do you test for allergies??

    • Jessica Cox says:

      Hi Ellen. Allergies can be tested for by blood tests. There are test options for true IgE allergy reactions and also food intolerances reacting through an IgG and IgA pathway. Essentially there are different ‘pathways’ foods can react on, so we have testing options for these variations based on your individual needs.

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