I had been struggling for years with IBS, frequent infections and discomfort but didn’t have the ability to work out what foods were disagreeing with me. After a few medical procedures, I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant which lead me to self-diagnose that I should probably eat gluten-free foods as well. Even though I was feeling better, some of my symptoms were still present. What I perceived to be healthy for my body also had disastrous effects.

After consulting with doctors and dieticians to no avail, I decided to see nutritionist, Jessica Cox. Jessica’s individual analysis and expertise has changed my whole well-being as my body is slowly healing itself and I am feeling so much better with a lot of the symptoms disappearing altogether. Jessica not only put me on whole foods that my body didn’t react to but she also managed to swap one type of food that I was eating with another that my body was able to tolerate. Jessica’s advice over the past 18 months has not only been instrumental in relieving my symptoms but also making me feel physically well.

Diana – Self Employed Author

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Before I had my first consultation with Alana, I was mainly eating junk food. My slow but steady weight gain and my concern for future health problems made me look for a long-term change. But I found it hard to navigate myself towards healthier nutrition. So, I contacted Alana for some expert advice and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Alana took the time to listen to my specific needs and made a great effort in creating a tailored 14-day meal plan for me. She brought plenty of new ideas to the table and I tried food which I would never have considered before. Also, Alana found solutions to replace some unhealthy eating habits and she helped me with options to save time. After 2.5 months, I have reached my ideal body weight and I feel a lot healthier. But most importantly, I believe that I can continue with my new eating habit in the long run. Thus, the consultations have been very valuable and I highly recommend Alana’s advice. 


I have been seeing Melanie at JCN clinic for close to a year now and would honestly recommend her to anyone! After having zero help from my GP I decided to try a naturopath and I’m so glad I did. Melanie actually listened to my issues and got me tested until we found out the actual cause of my gut issues and then worked with me to get back on track through the right supplements & diet changes. She is super knowledgeable and always helpful- thank you Melanie 🙂


JCN clinic is truly exceptional. After many years of searching for real answers to my health problems JCN has delivered. I’ve been working with Jessica and Melanie who have a deep understanding of the human body and their approach to testing and treatment has been second to none.


I took my daughter to see Jessica after years of trying to navigate the maze of food allergy, gastrointestinal problems and behavioural and learning difficulties.

Jessica had a very pragmatic and sensible approach to her case. Within a few weeks of adjustments to her diet and taking supportive supplements she was off all her reflux medication. Within a few months her behaviour became delightful, her ability to learn at school skyrocketed and she woke each morning happy and relaxed.

By managing her food allergies and intolerances and actually acknowledging their existence (something not all mainstream medical practice does) she brought us back to a place where we could have a close and happy relationship with our little girl. She is going from strength to strength now, running cross country, reading books at every opportunity and is a delight to be around.

We have all adjusted very easily to the dietary changes. There is a new way of cooking which has just become second nature. We manage to navigate birthday parties and special events by making our own versions of treats which don’t affect her. I’m told I make the best gluten, dairy and egg free chocolate biscuits around. 

Sara – CEO

I was referred to Jessica Cox after extensive testing by numerous Health Practitioners, GP’s and Specialists (A Endocronolosgist and a Gastroentrologist). 

The first thing Jessica did that made me believe I was finally with somebody that could help me was that she did not send me home with a bag of quick fix solutions, she took the time to methodically work out what my problems were. 

After 5 years of having health ranging from not so great to bad, I can finally say that I am a well person.  Jessica has provided me with support, guidance and knowledge which I have incorporated into my life and with that I have turned my life around. 

The old saying you are what eat is certainly true in my case and finally, thanks to Jessica I am fueling my body with the correct food, the nutrients are being absorbed and I am well again.

Thank you Jessica

Chris – Sales Consultant

I have recently gone through a fairly difficult health issue which required me to lose a considerable amount of weight to undertake a surgical procedure.   

Throughout my life I have tried many different ways to lose weight, and indeed visited many nutritionists and dieticians.  The results have at best been mixed, with the customary yo-yo weight loss/gain being the result.

Jessica’s approach was different to anything I had tried before. Her guidance and non-judgemental advice improved my understating of the foods I was eating and their impacts on my weight, and enabled me to adjust and manage my daily diet in a healthy, satisfying and balanced way.  She also gave me very useful day to day tips on what foods to buy and recipe ideas which suited my lifestyle and eating habits. 

Jessica did not really restrict my eating habits but taught me how to introduce healthier things into my diet, and how I could make these things just as exciting as other less healthy options.  Her approach was very much around health living and healthy lifestyle, with a very practical bent.

This approach helped me to stop thinking about weight loss as the outcome, but rather to focus on changing my lifestyle.  To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost a significant amount of weight and have been able to have the surgery I required as result.  

In addition I have sustained my weight loss post surgery.  My intention is to continue to lose more.  

I truly do not believe I could have achieved this without Jessica’s support, approach and guidance. She has an impressive knowledge base, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to change their life through a sustainable healthy approach to their diet.

Michael – Self Employed

Ever since our first meeting Jessica has changed my whole outlook on food and what I was doing wrong for my busy, active lifestyle.

Now that I have adapted her nutritional recommendations into my life, I have a lot more energy, I wake up with spring in my step, I’m never hungry, my skins is glowing and I don’t hit the 3pm sugar craving lows.  

I now eat a lot more of a nutritious variety of foods and always searching the health food section in the shops for more ideas and her suggestions.  

I now keep in mind with every single meal I eat, having smaller portions, eating more protein, include the good “fats”, eating regularly and I try to eat food as unprocessed and natural as possible.

My body is also responding well to the correct recommended supplements also. I also know that Jessica is only an email away to ask advice about any nutritional facts I throw at her.

Ohhh and I LOVE the homemade protein ball recipes.  

Jessica you have changed my life, I can’t recommend your services/advice enough.

Donna – Office Manager

You never know what life has in store for you especially when unexpected things happen that directly impact your state of health.

Following two major surgeries in 2007 and subsequent major health issues after the operations, my level of health took a real battering and being on endless courses of antibiotics and other prescription medication, I found it a real struggle to manage my overall health and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

In my quest to improve my health, wellbeing and quality of life I was blessed in meeting Jessica—over the years she has been thoroughly professional and knowledgeable, taking the time to listen and to address specific health concerns, putting together a health management plan that uniquely addressed my individual needs and help me to achieve and maintain my personal health goals.

I haven’t used prescription medication for nearly 12 months, much to the delight of my doctor—I am deeply grateful that consistently working with Jessica and following the health management plan she developed for me and following her dietary recommendations has significantly changed my life for the better, I love Jessica’s innovative meal plans and always have fun with her creative recipe ideas.

Wendy – Graphic Designer

I’ve been working with Jess on both a professional and personal level for six years now.

She has helped me personally get through many endurance events including half marathons, triathlons and even a 24hr adventure race, and more recently provided me with a nutritional program to help me prepare for a week of netball at the super nationals tournament in Sydney – All while managing my food intolerances and giving my body the energy it requires.

As a personal trainer, I have no hesitation in saying she is the best In the business.

The thing I love about Jess is that she is not into fad diets. She takes a more holistic approach to food and your health, tailors it to your personal lifestyle to ensure your body is receiving the nutrients it requires to work at its optimal performance.  

I feel privileged to have met Jess so many years ago and have no hesitation in recommending her and her wealth of knowledge in the future.

Hayley – Personal Trainer