The JCN Clinic’s skilled team of accredited clinical Nutritionists are passionate about the service The JCN Clinic provides.  It is imperative to our JCN Nutritionists that following every consultation our client’s can put into practice any changes made with ease.

 Our Nutritionists consult from the JCN Clinic in Brisbane CBD, and also offer phone and skype consultations for national and international clients. 

1.5 hour initial nutritional consultations includes:

  • Full health assessment and dietary history.
  • Dietary evaluation and re modeling for individualised nutritional plan.
  • Recommendation where necessary for nutritional supplementation.
  • Analysis and requests for further testing – general blood tests (QML), RAST test (allergy testing), Nutripath/Research Nutrition IgG/IgA food intolerance testing, CSA (comprehensive stool testing) and parasitology testing (includes bacteria, yeast and parasites), DUTCH hormonal testing among the most popular.

Inital Consultation at the JCN Clinic are:

Jessica Cox$240.00
Carissa Mason$195.00
Emma Morris$185.00
Paige Redford$165.00
Alana Krahe$165.00
Alexa Tran$165.00

Note: 10% seniors discounts available (consultations only).

You can book an initial consultation online here, or simply contact us here. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email enquiry.

follow up consultations

Follow up appointments at the JCN clinic are usually suggested within 3 -4 weeks after your initial appointment. We then like to see you every month for a few sessions, depending on your needs and goals. During these follow up consultations we will:

  • Assess your progress and make changes in your treatment plan where needed
  • Continue to introduce new food ideas to keep your dietary intake exciting and interesting
  • Review test results
  • Give you a vital checkpoint for accountability
  • Continue to educate you on the best nutritional choices for you body, so you have the tools to use long term
PractitionerExtended Follow Up (Test Results) (60 min)Extended Follow Up (45 – 60 min)Follow Up (30 min)
Jessica Cox$150.00$150.00$110.00
Carissa Mason$140.00$125.00$105.00
Emma Morris$140.00$125.00$100.00
Paige Redford$140.00$125.00$95.00
Alexa Tran$140.00$125.00$95.00
Alana Krahe$140.00$125.00$95.00

We generally find 30 minutes is sufficient for follow up consultations, though utilise Extended Follow Up Consultations for test results and for existing JCN clients who have not visited the clinic in 3 months or more. 

 You can book an follow up consultation online here, or simply contact us here. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email enquiry.


6 week intensive care monthly program 

This highly supportive program has been designed for clients who require a more in-depth level of care. It is aimed to support those who have multi-systemic issues and require weekly cheek in’s for support with their practitioner. We find it is best suited for chronic conditions that often require a team of practitioners. Our Intensive Care Program is very suitable for those on severely restricted diets undergoing closely monitored food introduction.

The Intensive Program is best undertaken in blocks with the intension of us moving you to regular follow-ups, as your weekly reviews will become less necessary as you progress through your treatment.

 The Intensive Care Monthly Program includes:

  •  Initial Extended Consultation (2 hours) @$250.00
  • Weekly Follow Up Appointment (1 hour) for 5 additional weeks @$120.00 per session
  • Regular email contact with your practitioner in between consultations as needed for all of your questions and concerns (charged at a quarter hour rate of $45.00 per 15 minutes of your practitioners time in collating your response)


$795.00 (includes all consultations. Please note this cost does not cover any email-based contact, as this will be charged weekly at your consultation. The JCN Clinic team prides itself on being available to help with your general questions and concerns, however please note this cost is for the more intensive time needs required by chronic conditions).

Payment for this program can be made in x3 instalments if needed. 

You can book our 6 Week Intensive Program online here, or simply contact us here regarding your suitability. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email enquiry.

corporate seminars & jcn nutritional presentations 

The JCN Clinic offers corporate seminars for your work place based on a variety of key topics, with flexibility to cater for your personal workplace environment. Have a JCN Nutritionist/s present to you and your colleagues on key topics such as:

  • Sustain Energy Levels & Performance Output With Nutrition.
  • Nutrition & Mental Health – Combat Depression & Anxiety w Nutrition.
  • How to Nutritionally Re-Vamp Your Office Kitchen & Morning Teas.
  • How to Pack A Healthy Lunch Box & Make Smart Work Day Lunch Decisions.
  • Prep Like A Pro – How to Prep Your Meals For A Busy Work Week. 

Our JCN Nutritionists can also present at your private or public events. We offer all types of options and are not limited to those listed below. Feel welcome to contact us with your ideas about what you would like the JCN Clinic to provide for your special event. Some of our most popular presentations include:

  • How To Batch Cook For a Busy Week
  • How To Make Macrobalanced Meals 
  • How To Make Healthy, Delicious & Mouth-watering Desserts 
  • Healthy Snack Options For Sustained Energy 
  • How To Build A Healthy Gut – Top Nutritional Tips & Gut Friendly Foods 
  • Sustain Energy Levels & Performance With Nutrition
  • Nutrition & Mental Health – Combat Depression & Anxiety w Nutrition

All presentations can include live demonstrations of meal preparation, audience participation and of course enjoyment of delicious food on offer. This is a wonderful opportunity to have our JCN Nutritionists provide you with exclusive and tailored nutritional content. Please contact the JCN team here for more information. 

Cost: POA

shopping consultation

The JCN clinic offers personalised shopping consultations to follow either individually, or to compliment your clinic based consultation. These shopping consultations are really useful after your initial consultation has been completed and you are ready to put your new plan into action. A shopping consultation allows you to have Jessica or Carissa accompany you to the local CBD supermarket and guide you through the new ideas and food items discussed. 

Shopping consultations generally run for 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on your needs. These consultations are $90 for 30 minutes and $1o5 for 1 hour. 

To book or enquiry about a shopping consultation  simply contact us here. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email enquiry. 

7 day personalised food plan

Our 7-day personalised food plans work wonders for those among you who need more specific planning and precision within your week to keep your food intake on track. When constructing a personalised food plan here at the jcn clinic, we ensure that:

  • Your meal plan has enough variety throughout the week, yet your main meals and snack choices are practical for your lifestyle
  • Your plan caters for any dietary requirements and/or food intolerances
  • Your plan is macronutrient balanced
  • Your meal plan includes designated preparation time for your day/s ahead, to ensure you delegate time for keeping on track.
  • Your family needs are considered, therefore looking at dinner meals that can work for everyone, whilst teaching you how to put together the right options for you
  • Your meal plan is full of delicious food! Otherwise it will not be maintainable or enjoyable.

Your 7 day personalised food plan also includes staple shopping lists along with recipes that are suitable for your specific needs.

Available to new and existing clients.

Existing clients: $165 (includes 15 minute consultation to address specific needs)

New Clients: $250 (includes initial 1 hour consultation to ensure your plan is catered to your personal health goals and lifestyle needs).

Contact us here or email us on for more information or to arrange your personalised plan. 

common testing procedures used at the jcn clinic

The below is just a dip in the ocean regarding the testing available through the JCN Clinic. The following testing options are however our most popular tests utilised in consultation: 

Food Intolerance and/or Allergy Testing

This test checks for any inflammatory or immunological reactions to the foods that you are eating. A combination panel of 90 foods are tested and graded for a response. Definitely a relevant test for those experiencing bloating and gas that can be attributed to certain foods or meal combinations, irregular bowel motions, sensitive skin and/or allergies. For more information on food intolerances and the research behind the method of testing used at The JCN Clinic chosen laboratory partners, please read more here.

Cost $350.

Gluten &Wheat Sensitivity 

This is a great test for anyone who has a suspected gluten and/or wheat intolerance, especially when Coeliacs has been ruled out by standard testing.  Contrary to belief, you do not have to be a coeliac to have reactivity to gluten. This is where this test comes into its own as it actually tests your ‘sensitivity’ to gluten by measuring alternative markers to standard coeliac blood tests.

Cost $ 228

Comprehensive Parasitology & Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Comprehensive Parasitology testing evaluates the health and microbial balance of the large bowel through DNA/PCR technology. It assesses the bacterial levels present as well as identifying parasites and yeast overgrowth. This test is a fantastic tool for anyone with long term or chronic gut issues and/or a history of parasitic, bacterial or yeast infection, as it allows your practitioner to specifically identify the functionality of your lower bowel on a microbial level.

Full Comprehensive Stool Analysis includes the above with additional markers pertaining to acute and chronic inflammation within the bowel, digestive and absorption markers, pH and measurement of Secretory IgA, which is an integral marker for deregulated gut immunity in relation to the mucosal layer. This test is pivotal for those with long standing chronic gut issues and for those with systemic symptoms. 

Cost $350 – $650 

SIBO Testing

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) testing examines the presence of bacterial overgrowth of the small intestinal tract. Symptoms such as chronic bloating or gas, bloating straight after meals and those who’s symptoms respond well to the classic FODMAP diet generally benefit greatly from this test.  

Cost: $299