functional testing procedures


At The JCN Clinic we regularly use functional testing alongside standard pathology testing with clients for more thorough investigation and assessment. The below is just a dip in the ocean regarding the testing available through The JCN Clinic. The following testing options are however our most popular tests utilised in consultation. 

Please note: We do not mark up any of our functional testing. Our costs are lab based costs only passed onto our clients.

Comprehensive Parasitology & Functional Stool Testing

Comprehensive Parasitology & Stool Analysis testing evaluates the health and microbial balance of the large bowel through DNA/PCR technology, alongside microscopy and metagenomic (depending on the functional labs utilised). It assesses the bacterial levels present as well as identifying parasites and yeast overgrowth. This test is a fantastic tool for anyone with long term or chronic gut issues and/or a history of parasitic, bacterial or yeast infection, as it allows your practitioner to specifically identify the functionality of your lower bowel on a microbial level.

Comprehensive Functional Stool Testing in addition includes assessment of markers pertaining to acute and chronic inflammation within the bowel, digestive and absorption markers, pH and measurement of Secretory IgA, which is an integral marker for deregulated gut immunity in relation to the mucosal layer. This test is pivotal for those with long standing chronic gut issues and for those with systemic symptoms. 

Cost varies from $350 – $550 + postage depending on laboratory/test utilised

Food Intolerance and/or Allergy Testing

This test checks for any inflammatory or immunological reactions to the foods that you are eating. A combination panel of 90 foods are tested and graded for a response. Definitely a relevant test for those experiencing bloating and gas that can be attributed to certain foods or meal combinations, irregular bowel motions, sensitive skin and/or allergies. This test should always be evaluated and results implemented with the guidance of your practitioner in relation to your over all gut health. For more information on food intolerances and the research behind the method of testing used at The JCN Clinic chosen laboratory partners, please read more here.

Cost $350 + postage.

Coeliacs & Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity &Wheat Sensitivity/Allergy 

This is a great test for anyone who has a suspected gluten and/or wheat intolerance, especially when Coeliacs has been ruled out by standard testing.  Contrary to belief, you do not have to be a coeliac to have reactivity to gluten. This is where this test comes into its own as it actually tests your ‘sensitivity’ to gluten by measuring alternative markers to standard coeliac blood tests.

Cost $ 228 + postage.

SIBO Testing

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) testing examines the presence of bacterial overgrowth of the small intestinal tract. Symptoms such as chronic bloating or gas, bloating straight after meals and those who’s symptoms respond well to the classic FODMAP diet generally benefit greatly from this test.  

Cost: $350.00 + postage.


At The JCN Clinic our gold standard for comprehensive hormone testing is the DUTCH Test. This advanced hormone test offers the most extensive profile of sex and adrenal steroid hormones, hormone metabolites alongside cortisol and melatonin patterns and related organic acid markers. The DUTCH Test is used as part of our Healthy Hormone Package with Carissa Mason.

Cost: $385.00 + postage

Organic Acids Test (OAT)

This comprehensive test is used as a system overview in relation to over 70 organic acid metabolites produced by the body. It helps gain insight into oxidative stress, cellular energy, dysbiosis, oxalate production, yeast and mould and neurotransmitter irregularities. This test is high effective for multi-system health issues and potential chronic yeast or mould issues. You can read more about the OAT here through our preferred lab, RN Labs.

Cost: $359.00 + postage