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we’re Australia’s leading clinical nutritionists and naturopaths, based in Brisbane

At The JCN Clinic, our team of six degree qualified clinical nutritionists and naturopath are known for our industry leading deeper level of personalised treatment.

In a nutshell, go no further. You have found the best (just see our Google reviews!). You will not receive treatment like ours elsewhere.

We use the most extensive, science driven testing techniques available at laboratory costs only (no mark-up).

Our experienced team of accredited nutritionists have an immense passion for therapeutic nutrition and treating the core issues underlying our clients’ health problems. Our Brisbane naturopath at The JCN Clinic practices under the trusted JCN model and will similarly help you implement positive lifestyle changes through the use of dietary planning and therapeutic nutritional foods.

  • If you feel stressed, exhausted and unwell but have been told time and again there’s nothing wrong with you…
  • If you’re confused by the multitude of opinions and misinformation about what to feed yourself to be healthy…
  • If you’ve experienced problems with your gut health, mental health or hormone health, and think that food may be playing a part in the problem…

You’ve come to the right place.

Our nutritionists and naturopaths specialise in:

  • gut health, gut nutrition & digestive disorders, inclusive of SIBO, IBS, IBD
  • multiple food intolerances (inclusive of FODMAP, histamine, salicylates)
  • mental health (anxiety, depression)
  • hormone health (PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, acne)
  • Immune/autoimmune irregularities (MCAS, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hypothyroid/hyperthyroid)

JCN nutritionists and naturopaths have extensive knowledge in individualised dietary planning, nutritional supplementation and the utilisation of food as a medicinal tool.

We provide outstanding dietary guidance and individualised food plans to deliver a unique approach in the nutrition space. We strive to educate and empower our clients in the foundations of health.

Get started with our expert team of qualified clinical nutritionists today!

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hi there, i’m jessica cox, clinical nutritionist and founder of JCN Clinic!

I’m Jessica Cox, Clinical Nutritionist, founder and director of The JCN Clinic located in Brisbane, Australia, author of e.a.t cookbook and co-host of The JCN Clinic Podcast Show.

I’m an accredited practicing nutritional practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) with over fifteen years of clinical experience. I have a passion for treating gut health conditions and related health issues, which has become my area of speciality and my true niche in the preventive health industry.

This passion has consequently become the ethos of The JCN Clinic. As a result The JCN Clinic has proudly built its name as an exceptional leader in the area of digestive health and wellness.

My desire to help others move through their gut health issues stems also from my love of cooking and recipe development, which enables me to share delicious, nourishing and gut friendly recipes.

My passion and knowledge in the space of macronutrient balanced, wholefood recipe development catering for those with digestive issues and intolerances has also seen me join forces with Rachael Finch as the resident Nutritionist for Body By Finch.

Jessica Cox (BHSc) The JCN Clinic Founder & Director 

jessica cox

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The JCN Clinic’s skilled team of Clinical Nutritionists and Naturopath are passionate about the nutritional services the Clinic provides.  It is imperative to our health practitioners that our clients can easily put any changes made into practice.

Our nutritionists and naturopath consult from The JCN Clinic in Brisbane CBD, and also offer Telehealth consultations for national and international clients. 

The fundamental differences you will experience when seeing a Nutritionist or Naturopath here at The JCN Clinic are listed below in our 6 Key Points of Service:

  • Education and understanding of your health concerns, inclusive of how the health problem eventuated and the key steps to be taken to achieve exceptional health.
  • Nutritional and dietary plans catered to suit your individual goals, lifestyle, and most importantly comfort level of change.
  • Knowledge of where and how to shop for different types of foods and ingredients necessary for your individual nutritional needs.
  • Changes made comfortably and progressively, allowing the ability to put into practice dietary modifications after every consultation with ease.
  • Your progress monitored and re-evaluated as you and your lifestyle changes.
  • Absolute unyielding support.

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Our Brisbane nutritionist clinic Location

phone: 0411 161 730
address: Suite 112, 180 Queen Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000
email: reception@jessicacox.com.au
opening hours Monday to Friday, 830am till 530pm
Saturday 9am – 3pm
telehealth / phone Telehealth and Phone consultations available within these hours.
National and international clients are welcome.