the jcn happy hormones package

Ahhhh hormones. A complex web of biochemical processes that have a synergistic relationships with one-other within our bodies, which can confuse the bajeebaz out of most of us. When everything is performing well, our hormone function will be quite harmonious. Yet sometimes our hormones can get out of whack, consequently causing a multitude of unwanted side effects. 

At The JCN Clinic, we utilise the DUTCH screening tool (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) to take away the guesswork and provide the answers behind your personal hormonal story.

Here are some common signs and symptoms that we see with hormone imbalances, which may benefit from DUTCH testing:

  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy, clotty &/or painful periods
  • PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PMD
  • Infertility
  • Suspected peri menopause 
  • Acne& acne flairs with menstruation
  • Unexplained rapid weight gain or loss
  • Hair loss
  • Irritability / mood fluctuations 
  • Poor energy or fatigue, or conversely jitteriness and anxiety
  • Excessive feeling of hot or cold
  • Other menstrual irregularities 
  • Anxiety and/or depression 
  • Sleep disturbances / insomnia 

The great news is there are plenty of ways to balance your hormones naturally. With the combination of DUTCH testing, the right practitioner support and knowledge regarding what is going on, you can gain a true insight into what is really happening in this body of yours! 

so why use the dutch test?

Standard blood tests for hormones can only offer a snap shot of the particular moment bloods are drawn, whereas urinary hormone profiles collected at different times of the day gives us a true picture of the overall orchestration of hormonal activity. Reproductive hormonal issues are often interwoven with stress hormone imbalances, hence this package utilises the DUTCH test, which offers a full insight to both of these areas.

The ‘JCN Happy Hormones Package’ is a personalised program using individual results from DUTCH test profiling. 

what’s involved in the package:

3 x Comprehensive Nutritional Consultations with Carissa, one of our qualified nutritionists in the clinic. Hormones, the DUTCH test and the genetics of hormone function is a specialty area of Carissa’s, as she really loves getting into the nitty gritty of what is going on. 

Initial Consultation:  1 x  90 minute initial consultation in which your thorough health history and case will be taken and your DUTCH test will be ordered (please note the cost of the DUTCH test  + postage and handling is an additional cost). You will also receive an individualised plan to start your treatment (see below)

 Extended follow up consultation : 1 x  60 minute consultation to discuss your test results and your further revised treatment regime based on your DUTCH results with Carissa.

Follow up consultation : 1 x  30 minute follow up consultation to track progress and alter any further treatment processes.

You will also receive an individualised meal plan to complement your personal hormonal health concerns and your test results, along with any further recommended supplementation (only if deemed warranted).

Lifetime access to the private JCN Community Facebook group where our nutritionists will provide additional content regarding hormones, health and lots of yummy food inspiration. The JCN Community group will also provide you ongoing support and education after the package has finished.  


New Clients: $515.00 (plus testing cost of $359 + GST & postage (additional postage for overseas clients)

Existing Clients: $400 (plus testing cost of $359 + GST & postage (additional postage for overseas clients)

To make a booking, simply visit the JCN online booking system here and choose a time suitable for your Initial Consultation with Carissa . Alternately, feel welcome to pop us an email at or contact us here with any questions, or to make a booking via email.