Jessica Cox Ethos |The JCN Clinic

My ethos is simple. Aim for a balanced intake of wholefoods that work for you as an individual. I want you to feel the best you can be within your own body. That means finding the foods that work optimally for you. It’s not about what your girlfriends are eating or the latest health food craze stirring up the media. I want you to leave all that hype and those fads at the door.

My philosophy is based around the basic nutritional principals of eating a balance of macronutrients to fuel your body and keep you feeling energised and vibrant throughout your day (see here for more on what macronutrients exactly are). When we eat a regular and balanced intake of wholefoods our bodies thrive with ample nutritional fuel.

It is also fundamental that we find a place of balance within our dietary intake. When we create rules that are too ridged and strict we set ourselves up for disappointment when we cannot adhere to them. Life is meant to be lived, and its vital that we allow ourselves room to move without getting too hung up and stressed out over every piece of food we put in our mouths. Food is wonderful and it should be a pleasurable experience.

At the core of my ethos is digestive health. Our digestion is the centre of our being; it is the place in which we absorb nutrients and water that keeps us alive and in a place of wellness. It is the seat of our immune system and intrinsically connected to every system within our body. Keeping the digestive system healthy is forever at the forefront of my practice.

Lastly, but certainly not least, this website and blog is a place where I can share with you my absolute passion and excitement regarding wholefood and medicinal nutritional. Within these pages you will find recipes that at their core aim to excite your tastebuds, enthrall you and tantalise you and open up your mind to trying new food experiences.

Please enjoy! x