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  • eggplant, persimmon & brown rice salad w mustard dressing eggplant, persimmon & brown rice salad w mustard dressing a healthy recipe for using persimmons Persimmons are one of those fruits that many are unsure of what to do with. In fact, I think there are quite a few ingredients that people are aware of, but tend to take a wide birth around out of an unsureness of what to do with them. Some of ... view recipe
  • sweet potato, pumpkin & turmeric soup sweet potato, pumpkin & turmeric soup a healthy winter warming vegan friendly soup There is no denying that we have moved to a space where we are all dusting off the slow cookers and getting out the big stewing pots. As part of these winter warming favourite recipes we all love, I know that hearty soups are going to play ... view recipe
  • crumbed sweet potato nuggets crumbed sweet potato nuggets the best crumbed sweet potato nuggets recipe ever Last weekend I was creating my Sunday feels (which is a little hard at the moment given we are all perpetually living in groundhog day) by hopping back into bed with my Pimped Up Matcha and a cookbook. Cozied in deep under the blankets I was quickly ... view recipe
  • middle eastern rice pilaf middle eastern rice pilaf This recipe for Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf was really a fusion of cultural flavours, but I felt that if I had to pick a flavour camp it would be the explosion of flavours that is synonymous with the Middle East. The heat of spices combined with the earthy creaminess of tahini and the freshness of ... view recipe
  • healthy zucchini slice recipe healthy zucchini slice recipe best zucchini slice recipe ever This recipe for healthy zucchini slice is one of those meals that you can eat at anytime of the day. From a satisfying macronutrient balanced breakfast through to a sit down dinner with a lovely rocket salad on the side, its super adaptable. This gluten-free, dairy-free zucchini slice recipe is ... view recipe