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  • vanilla blueberry muffins vanilla blueberry muffins a low histamine recipe for vanilla blueberry muffins There are only so many times I can modify my own recipes for clients at The JCN Clinic for multiple intolerances before it starts to get glaringly obvious that I need to create a new recipe entirely of its own. With The JCN Clinic attracting clients with long ... view recipe
  • gluten free rhubarb, apple & ginger crumble gluten free rhubarb, apple & ginger crumble a healthy spin to a classic rhubarb crumple recipe I’ve been stewing fruit like its been going out of fashion since we moved to the Yarra Valley. Apples, quinces, pears and rhubarb have been on high rotation. Dameon’s been hanging for me to make a crumble instead of just using the stewed fruit to spoon ... view recipe
  • vegan banana coconut bread vegan banana coconut bread the best healthy vegan banana coconut bread recipe ever There is nothing like a slice of fruit and nut studded banana bread slathered in butter (be that nut or seed based butter even). The smell of banana bread as it bakes is enough to drive you wild, the aroma of sweet spices and caramelising banana ... view recipe
  • crumbed sweet potato nuggets crumbed sweet potato nuggets the best crumbed sweet potato nuggets recipe ever Last weekend I was creating my Sunday feels (which is a little hard at the moment given we are all perpetually living in groundhog day) by hopping back into bed with my Pimped Up Matcha and a cookbook. Cozied in deep under the blankets I was quickly ... view recipe
  • 3 ingredient gluten free pancake 3 ingredient gluten free pancake the best 3 ingredient gluten free pancake recipe ever This recipe for my 3 Ingredient Gluten Free Pancake is a tried and true breakfast for me. I’ve been using it for years and for some reason have not shared it. Probably because it’s just so easy and simple, causing one to question whether a recipe ... view recipe