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  • how to make soy milk how to make soy milk make creamy & delicious soy milk from scratch One of my foodie goals this year was to learn and create a recipe for how to make creamy soy milk from scratch. I’m already making my own almond milk more often than not now (the recipe for this can be found in my cookbook e.a.t), so it ... view recipe
  • choc chilli chai choc chilli chai Up until this last week I’ve made my ridiculous stash of Chilli Chocolate Chai from The Love of Tea Byron Bay last. When I heard that Alli was closing up shop I panicked and bought jumbo sized bags to keep me going. The thing was, I knew no matter how much I bought that at ... view recipe
  • chocolate mint smoothie bowl chocolate mint smoothie bowl This weeks recipe post was a toss up between carrot chips and this smoothie bowl. Quite extreme ends of the spectrum I know. As usual I left it up to the influence of produce at our local market. On the day I was struck by the abundant bunches of new season mint alongside beautiful purple ... view recipe
  • pimped up matcha latte pimped up matcha latte As far as my biased opinion swings, matcha lattes are the bomb. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have a slight hefty obsession with matcha lattes. As someone that doesn’t drink coffee (due not to a dislike of the taste, but more to the lack of being able to tolerate it – ... view recipe
  • chocolate mousse smoothie chocolate mousse smoothie I can’t even explain how much I love this chocolate mousse smoothie. Its super new to my repertoire and ever since churning out the first one I have been making it every second day like clockwork. I often sit gleefully at my desk after my morning work out eating it out of the jar with ... view recipe