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great health begins in your gut

jessica cox | great health begins in your gut package #jcnclinic

Yes! That’s right, your gut. Our digestive system is an epicenter of millions of bacteria that help us to process food, produce nutrients and fight off disease. When our GUT is healthy- WE are healthy! We feel great! Our attitude is positive and we literally shine from the inside out.

When things are not so great however, disarray unfolds. All facets of our being can be (and often are) affected; how we think, how we feel, our digestion, mood, energy and sleep. Therefore, it’s super helpful if we have an understanding of what is going on inside this crucial environment.

before and after bloating | jcnclinic

Before & After Bloating Changes at the JCN Clinic. 


At the JCN Clinic, we have an intricate understanding of the gastro-intestinal system and how it should, and should not be functioning. We also utilise the ‘gold-standard’ in testing procedures when it comes to understanding the microbiological balance of your gut. In other words, no guess work.

For this reason, this Month we have created a ‘Comprehensive Health  + Gut Testing Package’ so you can gain a better understanding of how your gut is functioning, therefore achieving a really outstanding level of health. 


What’s involved in the package:

  • 2 x comprehensive Nutritional consultation (x1 60 minute initial consultation + x1 45 minute consultation to discuss your test results) with one of our qualified nutritionists, Jessica or Carissa. 
  • 1 x comprehensive stool test to investigate your digestive systems bacterial balance, including overgrowth of detrimental bacteria and yeasts, alongside potential parasitic infection {done in the comfort of your own home}.
  • An individualised meal plan to complement your test results with any further recommended testing and/or supplementation (only if deemed warranted).


 New Clients: $556 (includes all details above)

Existing Clients: $406 (includes all details above, with 1x consultation, post test results. Simply just contact the clinic to talk to your practitioner about arranging the test).


Contact us here at the JCN Clinic to get started.

It’s time to get Gut-happy!



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