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  • middle eastern rice pilaf middle eastern rice pilaf This recipe for Middle Eastern Rice Pilaf was really a fusion of cultural flavours, but I felt that if I had to pick a flavour camp it would be the explosion of flavours that is synonymous with the Middle East. The heat of spices combined with the earthy creaminess of tahini and the freshness of ... view recipe
  • zucchini slice zucchini slice This recipe for Zucchini Slice is one of those meals that you can eat at anytime of the day. From a satisfying macronutrient balanced breakfast through to a sit down dinner with a lovely rocket salad on the side, its super adaptable. This Zucchini Slice recipe is also loaded with flavoursome and medicinal herbs such ... view recipe
  • beetroot, basil & parsley salad w honey macadamias beetroot, basil & parsley salad w honey macadamias This beetroot, basil and parsley salad w honey macadamia nuts was driven purely by not only the seasonal ingredients at our new local markets, but also by what was literally left in the fridge. Since we’ve moved Dameon and I have stepped it up next level when it comes to creating a seasonal and more ... view recipe
  • parsnip wedges parsnip wedges Parsnips are one of those under utilised vegetables. No one really knows what to do with them or just plainly doesn’t like them. They’ve had them boiled and mashed or maybe par roasted as part of the typical roast dinner. I’d say I was probably quite impartial to them myself until I discovered making them ... view recipe
  • millet salad w creamy mustard dressing millet salad w creamy mustard dressing We’ve been going a little nuts at The JCN Clinic spamming you with our passion for feeding your microbiota with a diversity of plant based foods. Partly it’s due to the functional testing that is now at our fingertips, but more so I’d say it is due to the abundance of research that is continuing ... view recipe