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jcn spring clean dietary overhaul

jcn spring clean dietary overhaul | jessica cox

Here at the JCN Clinic we are super excited that Spring is upon us! We can’t wait to peel off a few layers and feel that warm sun on our skin!

To celebrate the arrival of this wonderful season we are offering our revamped “Spring Clean Program” which includes an exclusive and individualised 14-day diet plan.

The JCN Spring Clean Dietary Overhaul is an 8-week program that is aimed at giving you an easy and practical personalised food plan. The program fundamentally educates you on what works for you, so you can continue on after the 8 weeks are finished with confidence. After all, at the JCN clinic we are not about a quick fix band-aid approach. We want you to see long term results, which is significantly more empowering for you. The aim of this program is to not only improve overall vitality and niggling health issues, but to also enhance your overall quality of life and wellbeing.

This is the first time the JCN clinic has released a diet plan. We have been hesitant to do so because we whole-heartedly believe a food plan should be individualised to suit your lifestyle and dietary requirements. Therefore, we have created an exclusive JCN macronutrient balanced, wholefood 14 day ‘base’ diet plan that we will individualise further with you during your consultation. This is fundamental for ensuring your program fits perfectly with you. 

So why spring clean? a healthy, nourishing and balanced food  plan will:

  • Increase your energy levels thanks to maximised intake & absorption of nutrients
  • Reduce bloating, gas and uncomfortable toilet visits
  • Keep your metabolism working 100%, therefore helping reduce stubborn weight and fluid retention
  • Clear away stubborn brain fog and headaches 
  • Clear up problematic skin issues
  • Educate you on how to implement a nourishing well balanced dietary intake long term


Of course we also LOVE giving you goodies with our programs! Therefore we have chosen from some of our favourite brands to bring you some complementary products in our free gift bag! These products additionally fit in perfectly with your Spring Clean Overhaul food plan making the transition even easier! These fabulous wholefood and healthy lifestyle companies include:

  • Pure Harvest – unsweetened activated almond milk to kick start your day
  • Forage Cereals – a nourishing wholefood, gluten free bircher muesli 
  • Isowhey Wholefoods – a super versatile pea & rice protien powder
  • The Haus of Health – variety of gorgoeus spice blends to add to your milk beverage of choice
  • For the Love of Tea  –  beautiful blend of sencha green tea with digestive herbs, along with my personal favourite, chocolate chilli chai
  • Pressed Juices – one free pressed juice to use throughout your plan at your choosing (Brisbane participants only)
  • Encircle Personal Training – 2 x free 45 minute Personal Training sessions (Brisbane participants only) 
  • Professional Therapists – 10% voucher off a remedial massage with the lovely Lynne or her staff (Brisbane participants only)


These FREE gift bags are available to all clients booking in for the Spring Clean Program.

jcn spring clean dietary overhaul | jessica cox

Additionally, we are lucky enough to also be giving away TWO lucky door prizes to participants in the JCN  Spring Overhaul program within the first week of Spring! To go into the draw for these prizes you simply just need to make your booking within the first week of the program launch! 

These prizes include: 


 so what exactly do you get over the 8 weeks?:

New Clients: TWO nutritional consultations held at four weekly intervals, inclusive of an initial 1.5 hour consultation, plus x1, 30 minute follow up consultations with one of our qualifed Nutritionists

Your initial consultation will introduce you to your individualised food plan and additionally address other potential health concerns such as gut issues that may need us to tweak your food plan more specifically. You will also be advised on any supportive supplements that may aid your health goals over the program, however this is always up to you.

Existing Clients: TWO digestively focused nutritional consultations held at four weekly intervals, inclusive of x1 extended follow up of 1 hour and x1 30 minute follow up consultation with your nutritionist.  

Plus of course,

  • Your 14 day individulised food plan to ensure your nutritional needs are being met during the JCN Spring Clean.
  • And lets not forget, your FREE gift bag!

You will not see any juice fasting, extreme detoxing, weight loss teas or removal of core macronutrient groups. Just so we are clear on that! 

jcn spring clean dietary overhaul | jessica cox


New Clients: Your investment for 8 weeks is just $330. This covers all consultations and is inclusive of your personalised food plan.

Please note this cost does not include any potential testing or supplements that may be discussed at your consultation.


 Existing Clients: Your investment for 8 weeks is just $195. This covers all consultations and is inclusive of your personalised food plan.

Please note this cost does not include any potential testing or supplements that may be discussed at your consultation.


(Nutritional consultations are covered by a variety of health funds, so please check with your insurer to see if you are eligible). To get started simply pop us an email at reception@jessicacox.com.au or contact us here

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