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home based consultations now available!

jessica cox | jcn clinic home consultations now available!

The JCN Clinic is now offering home based consultation for nutritional assessment and guidance. These exclusive consultations involve a home visit from Jess, where in the privacy of your kitchen she can guide you through the best food choices for your fridge and pantry in regards to yours and your families needs. Of course these home consultations can also be adapted to cater for groups such as busy mothers for instance, or perhaps a collection of your close friends struggling with similar nutritional concerns. 

Presently these consultations are Brisbane only, however we will be quickly expanding to interstate, therefore all enquires are welcome. 

These home consultations are an exciting way to have your nutritional plan tailored to you in your own home. Not only will Jess provide you with a new dietary plan, she can help you sort and prepare your kitchen, with the option of helping you shop for your new food plan to follow!

Her focus of course is still on addressing health/dietary concerns, whilst helping you, or you and your partner, or the entire family achieve a greater level of health and vitality through dietary intake.

Pricing structure: Pricing structure per hour for home consultations is $195.

Home-based consultations are at a minimum call out time of 2 hours.

The first 60 minutes of your consultation are used to discuss lifestyle and current dietary habits and meal intake. Jess then utilises the remaining 60 minutes to go through your kitchen with you discussing brands, nutritional labels and ideas for revamping your current pantry and fridge staples, and of course meal ideas for your families specific needs.

Jess will also provide you with a new daily meal plan that will be used as the core structure to your new nutritional plan.

additional shopping consultation

Jess also offers a personalised shopping consultation to follow this home based service. Once your home consultation is finished and you are ready to put your new plan into action, choose to have Jess accompany you to your local supermarket to guide you through the new ideas and food items discussed.

We generally suggest including an extra 1 – 2 hours for this service.

To book or enquiry about a home nutritional consultation  simply contact us here. Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email enquiry. 

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