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‘not coffee’ liver & immunity tea


Our JCN ‘Not Coffee’ Liver & Immunity Tea is designed to encourage liver health through gentle bile flow support and boost white blood cell production with the well studied benefits of medicinal mushroom Reishi. Designed by our Naturopath Mickayla Hosking, the blend of  dandelion, chicory and reishi powder provides a wonderful coffee alternative.

Not Coffee has an earthy roasted taste similar to coffee. Lovely straight or enjoyed with your favourite milk. Jessica’s favourite nightly brew!

Provides 14 serves (lasts 2 weeks used daily).

This tea is only available for purchase & postage within Australia.

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The ‘Not Coffee’ Liver & Immunity Tea  is designed to enjoy alone or as part of our JCN Real Food Reset Program V2.

Ingredients : dandelion, chicory, reishi powder

Not Coffee is packaged in biodegradable packaging.

This tea is only available for purchase within Australia only.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 7 cm

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox is a qualified practicing Nutritionist with a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition) and over 15 years of clinical experience. She is the founder and director JCN Clinic, published author and established recipe developer. Jessica is well respected within health and wellness space for her no fad approach and use of evidence-based nutrition.

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