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SIBO friendly protein powders

Protein powders with SIBO can be tricky to navigate. Especially when those with SIBO also commonly struggle with dairy and gluten intolerances, taking whey protein isolate off the table. So how does one decide on a SIBO friendly protein powder to use in their diet?

A SIBO gut needs protein powders that are less likely to create a large fermentable load of fuel. This means many of the plant-based protein powders on the market that are super popular are hugely problematic due to ingredients like fermented grains, legumes and fibres. These protein powders are not ‘bad’ they are just not suitable for a SIBO gut.

So, what protein powders work for SIBO?

The following are generally tolerated well, but of course some SIBO guts may differ. These protein powders have been chosen due to their high use in The JCN Clinic by our Nutritionists & Naturopaths and our clients.

Hemp protein powder

Hemp protein is made from hemp seeds. This protein powder still contains more fibre than some of the other options listed here, so trial it and see if it works for you. You can learn more about the composition of hemp protein in this blog post.

Generally hemp protein powder is bought plain flavoured with no other added ingredients making it a good choice for those with sensitive digestive systems like SIBO. Plain flavoured hemp protein powder is a great protein powder option to add to smoothies, baking and balls. Texturally hemp protein brands vary from a little gritty to fine, so look for a brand that works best for you.

The JCN Clinic’s favourite hemp proteins are:

  • The Source Bulk Foods
  • Hemp Foods Australia
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Pea Protein Isolate

Unlike fermented pea protein power or other fermented legumes powders, pea protein isolate has minimal fibre left for fermentation by bacteria. Fermented protein powders use bacteria and/or yeast to break down the pea to make it more ‘digestible’ and ideally create a more favourable gut fuel,  but for a SIBO gut this can create too much bioavailable fuel.  You can learn more about the nutritional composition of pea protein here.

Some people with SIBO and/or FODMAP sensitivities also struggle with fermented pea protein, so trial this options and see if it works for you.

The JCN Clinic’s favourite non fermented pea proteins are:

  • NuZest Clean Lean Protein
  • BIoMedica
  • Designer Physique Protein Powder (Tony Sfiers)
  • Vital Protein

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rice protein powder

Like the above pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate has minimal fibre left for fermentation. It is grainier in texture than pea protein so tends to not be utilised as much more so due to palatability. Rice protein powder is made from brown rice and is usually sold as bio-fermented. As it is not legume based the protein does not seem to cause as many digestive upsets as pea protein, often being labeled therefore as hypoallergenic. It is also very low in fibre and carbohydrates. You can learn more about the nutritional value of rice protein powder here.

The JCN Clinic’s favourite rice proteins are:

  • Designer Physique Protein Powder (Tony Sfiers)
  • Sun Warrior

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bone broth protein powder

Though less available in Australia, bone broth protein powder is super easy on the gut due to lack of any fibre or fermentable substrates. It is made from generally beef of chicken collagen extract (type 2). Most brands are non flavoured with just the pure bone broth protein powder, however some are flavoured and have added gums/binders so check labels for non SIBO friendly ingredients.

The JCN Clinic’s favourite bone broth protein powers are:

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • Nutraviva Pure Bone Broth

egg white protein powder

Egg white protein powder seems to have fallen out of fashion and is not often considered as an option by many. Due to this I find its not as easily sourced. However, very commonly egg white protein powder is well tolerated, as long as you don’t have food allergy/intolerance reactivity to egg white protein itself. Like bone broth protein powder it is naturally super low in carbohydrates meaning a lack of fermentable substrates for a SIBO gut.

The JCN Clinic’s favourite egg white protein powers are:

  • Designer Physique Protein Powder (Tony Sfiers)
  • Paleopro

whey protein isolate powder

Whey protein isolate deserves a mention here as it is super low in lactose and well tolerated by those who do not react to casein milk protein. The problem is that most people dealing with SIBO tend to have some level of reactivity to casein and/or lactose, meaning whey protein isolate is generally not an option. However, for those of you that are fine with dairy please don’t leave whey protein isolate off the table.

The JCN Clinic’s Nutritionists favourite whey protein isolate powers are:

  • Designer Physique Protein Powder (Tony Sfiers)
  • Metagenics BioPure Whey Protein.

So that is a round up of SIBO friendly protein powders that we use at The JCN Clinic. As nutritionists & naturopaths who work heavily with gut health issues we tend to use a lot of plant based protein powders with our clients. Clinical experience has shown us at JCN that no one size fits all, as always the case with diet. Certain people do well on all of these protein powders with no noted issues whilst others have to be really careful with which ones they use. At The JCN Clinic our role is to help you figure out which protein powder will suit you alongside a comprehensive dietary plan. With so many choices on the market this can often be a sigh of relief for our clients!

If you have a protein powder that you swear by that suits your SIBO and/or gut issues, I’d love to hear from you below in the comments section. We are always eager to hear what everyone else is using and what you find works best for you.

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