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meet new jcn practitioner, paige redford

Meet Paige Redford! Our newest member of the JCN Clinic team! Paige has a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) and four years industry experience. We are so excited to have Paige on board with us here at the JCN Clinic and we know you will love her enthusiasm and passion for nutrition as much as we do. What’s more, Paige’s love for creating a healthy relationship with food for her clients is infectious – just one reason of many as to why we are amped to have her here at the JCN Clinic. You will be seeing a lot more of Paige at the JCN Clinic, so as always, lets take this opportunity to formally introduce Paige and get to know her a little better…  

hi paige! tell us a bit about yourself and where you are from.

Hey there! I’m a foodie, fitness lover, nature seeker and self-confessed health nerd! I’m also obsessed with tea, yes tea, all types and flavours! I’m a qualified Naturopath + Nutritionist, which is not only my job but my passion. I truly believe that a holistic approach to health and wellness allows us not only to heal our bodies and mind but to thrive and live our best lives! 

what drew you to a career in health and nutrition?

Well I love all things food, movement and mindfulness and I truly love helping people so when I found out I could combine the two I was all in!  I’ll forever be enchanted by how food can not only affect how our bodies perform but also how we feel. 

what does ‘healthy eating’ mean to you?

Healthy eating to me is about eating intuitively , trusting your body knows what it needs to thrive. Food should be about nourishment and enjoyment not restriction and depravation. Healthy eating is about finding what works for you as an individual and allowing your meals to permeate all of your senses and nourish you on more than just a physical level. 

i know you are passionate about gut health like all of us here at the jcn clinic, but you are also really driven to see your clients establish a positive relationship with themselves. can you tell me a little bit about this?

Absolutely! I think for me this stems from not always having a positive relationship with myself and whilst this is something I believe we are eternally working on, I have done lots of inner work and healing to be where I am now. I often share my experiences with clients in the hope that I can support them navigate their own path to building a healthier and happier relationship with themselves. 

what are three staple ingredients you can simply cannot live without in your pantry/kitchen?

Oh my gosh that’s a tough one, but if I had to pick just 3 I would probably say blueberries, avocado and pink Himalayan salt, maybe not together though haha! I eat blueberries every single day for breakfast either in my morning smoothie, on my oats or atop pancakes. Avocado I feel it goes without saying as they so versatile and just delicious. And pink Himalayan salt well in sprinkle that on everything! 

do you have a cooking idol? someone who inspires you in the kitchen?

Oooh I would have to say Jamie Oliver! I love his fresh, simple and sustainable approach to food! I also love that he creates balanced meals that are both health-ful and soulful, plus I just think he’s absolutely hilarious!  

what are your interests outside the jcn clinic?

I love being out in nature, climbing mountains, I’m happiest by the ocean, I’m lucky enough to live by the beach!  I love to read , although I often buy books faster than I can read them. My favourite thing to do is discover new cafes to eat at with my husband!  

where can we find you on social media & join in on everything that you have share and inspire us with?  

My Instagram handle is @paigelredford and my website is fromthesourcenaturopathy.com

Paige is available for consultations at the JCN Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To make a booking with Paige please contact us at the JCN Clinic reception or book online here.  

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