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Even though at The JCN Clinic we are primarily about food and nutrition, we do have a good chat with our clients about what they are doing to stay entertained on their down time. Even between myself, Carissa and Jess (juniour as we have nicknamed her to stop confusion), we are often talking about our latest favourite TV shows, podcasts, movies, books and so forth. Afterall leisure time is part of leading a balanced life and lowering those every peaking adrenalin levels. 

Therefore, I wanted to put together my list of most recommended listens, reads and watches for your holiday period ahead. Some are about health and wellness of course, but others are just purely great entertainment. 


The SIBO Doctor – want to nerd out on all things SIBO and gut related? Listen to Nirala Jacobi MD talk with highly qualified guests ranging from Jason Hawrick to about dysbiosis, SIBO, hormonal disruption, food chemical sensitivies and more. This podcast is really made for practitioners and I would say students studying in the area of gut health, for others it might be a bit too heavy. 

The JCN Podcast Show – well I had to drop this in didn’t I? If you are yet to listen then this bi-weekly show bought to you by Carissa and myself brings a no bs approach to nutrition to your ears. We aim to break down fads and keep it real adn simple. We will be taking a break over the holidays though so for those who have not listed to our past shows you can bingre listen to us over your break. 

No Filter –  this once a week show is simply Mia Feedman interviewing super interesting personalities. Guests range from celebrities through to authors through to Australais highest paid call girl and the conversation is always interesting, provoking and dynamic thanks to Mia’s interview style. Stand outs for me are her interview with Samual Johnson

Mamamia Outloud – dropped now twice a week I love this podcast for a round up of whats happening in the world bought to your ears by some seriously awesome ladies who are not afraid to go there. This show is made for woman and about woman, but in saying that I think guys can get a lot out of it too. 

S-Town – If you haven’t listed to S-Town then you are missing out. This podcast is bought to you by Serial (see below) and follows John B M who reports a murder in his home town. WHat unfolds from there will pull at your heart strings and have you binge listing your way through all espisodes before you know it. 


How To Be A Girl 


TV Shows

Good Behaviour 

The Crown 

Stranger Things 


Aspergus one 






The Mummy Bloggers 


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