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gluten intolerance v wheat intolerance – which one are you?

jessica cox | gluten intolerance v wheat intolerance | which one are you?

Are you currently frustrated by the confusion between gluten intolerance verses wheat intolerance? Are you unsure of which category you fit into, or if you have an issue with either of these at all? The Coeliac Sensitivity Test now available through the JCN clinic can help decipher these frustrating issues.

Many health concerns we see within clinic have gluten sensitivity as the driving force behind them, and it is estimated that 90% coeliacs disease goes undiagnosed resulting in further disease progression. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), thyroid dysfunction, hormonal dysregulation, allergies, GORD, poor immunity, nervous system disorders and inflammatory conditions  are just some of the conditions associated with misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed gluten or wheat sensitivity.

Contrary to popular belief, the standard method of testing (intestinal tissue biopsy) is not the only method of diagnosing gluten sensitivity. Thankfully, it is now possible to conduct a single blood test that can determine the difference between coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy.

15% off Coeliac Sensitivity Testing For Existing and New JCN Clients


Until May 29th, the JCN clinic is offering 15% off gluten sensitivity testing, normally $197 + $20 postage, to our clients at a cost of $ 167 + $20 postage and handling. {Also available interstate and internationally}. 


New clients:   If you have not been to the clinic before, we are happy to offer you an ‘introductory consultation’ for $45. This initial consultation will run for 15 minutes, allowing us to gain a brief insight into your health and digestive issues, and explain the testing procedure to you.

After the test results have been received here at the clinic we will book you in for a full nutritional consultation (1hr) to explain your test results to you and tailor a specific dietary plan suitable for your needs.

Existing clients: Simply pop us an email here at the clinic and we can forward the pathology ‘eform’ on to you with the necessary instructions. After we have received your results here at the clinic we will contact you to book in a follow-up consultation (30mins) to discuss your results and make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

Please email our reception team on reception@jessicacox.com.au  or contact us here to make a booking in for this special promotion or if you have any further questions.

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2 years ago

Is this available for those of us interstate? And as I have been following a gluten free diet due to a positive Coeliac blood test, would the test still be worth conducting? (I was disappointed when I didn’t receive the correct information from a specialist leading up to my internal biopsy and believe that’s why the result was negative.) Thank you.

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