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what’s it really like to change your life with nutrition; one persons personal journey

what's it really like to change your life with nutrition; one persons personal journey | jessica cox

Welcome to the first in a series of very open and honest interviews with some of our clients here at the JCN clinic. The idea behind sharing our client’s experiences is to give you a true and candid view of how nutritional treatment can not only faciliate greater health, but also improve quality of life. Through these shared journeys my hope is that you will see the diversity of health concerns that people bring in the door, along with how each person evolves on all levels with nutritional guidance and support.


Julie has been a ray of sunshine in the jcn clinic from the first time she sat in the chair. I love her enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humour. Witnessing her health and wellness journey first hand has (and will continue to be)  been a true honour. 


The interview…

Guest: julie

Occupation – bank officer

Age: 44

Do you have any children? my beloved son, who is 20


what's it really like to change your life with nutrition; one persons personal journey | jessica cox

How long ago did you start your nutritional health and wellness journey at the JCN Clinic?

(Gosh Jess was it about 4 years ago ????????) It was a while ago and continuing to see you is a vital part of my ongoing health program.


What were the catalysts for you first making that initial appointment?

I was ill. It didn’t happen immediately , in fact I didn’t come to see you until I was in a pretty dire situation. A couple of years before I started seeing you, I’d had emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder that had gone septic. After this I didn’t really adjust my diet and I just got fatter and more lethargic and foggy in the brain. I missed days at work and I was truly miserable trying to work out what was wrong with me. I was eating next to nothing, scared of what I did put in my mouth and despite leading what I though was a reasonably active lifestyle, the weight just continued to creep up on me. I actually felt “grey”.  I did the rounds of  my local GP  and to the specialists and  then back to GP and back again  to the specialists with rounds of invasive tests. Eventually they gave up and couldn’t decipher my numerous and niggly  symptoms – I felt like I was a hypochondriac and I hated feeling this way. The Specialist ended up telling me you’ve just got IBS. I burst into tears and said it is NOT just IBS, it is ruining my life. I was desperate to fix whatever was wrong with me and I was adamant that I didn’t want to be put on some medication that would ultimately mask the symptoms. I wanted to get to the heart of the matter and fix it with diet and lifestyle. I wanted to be better again.


How did you find the initial changes to your dietary intake and lifestyle requested of you?

Jessica, you make me laugh so much – you are SO nice when you ask me to try different ideas – how could one refuse you?

I never ate breakfast – you got me eating and loving breakfast – yes it is still my shake and yes I’m still loving my shake which I make blindfolded. It works !

I could never remember to have morning tea – you suggested all sorts of snacks I could make and pack and to put a reminder on my computer.

Yes – I tried goats milk for you and yes I came back and told you exactly what I thought of it – but that is the great thing – you always have alternatives. 

I am putting this on record though I will NOT ever try Brussels Sprouts …. 


Was testing a useful tool in your progression of treatment?

The testing really was the best thing we did. You suggested this early on as you suspected that some foods were not my “friends”. I resisted the tests because of the initial cost, but eventually we got them done and gosh I wish that I had done it much earlier. I’m not good with elimination diets – I remember us having a conversation and you telling me I was about 80% good and 20% off track. I couldn’t fathom this or how to completely eliminate those foods from my diet, but having the results spelt out to me on a piece of paper made it so much easier to do.

what's it really like to change your life with nutrition; one persons personal journey | jessica cox 

what's it really like to change your life with nutrition; one persons personal journey | jessica cox

Were there tough times along the way in your journey?

There were and there still are and there always will be tough times. Just because you get a test that tells you dairy, wheat and eggs are not your friends anymore doesn’t mean you don’t still love and adore the taste of them. For me one of the most delicious things in the world is a fresh piece of crusty French bread with lashings (LASHINGS) of butter. I try to avoid it but I’m human …… but I know what it does to me so I am better at avoiding it these days.


What has continued to motivate you to keep going?

As soon as I eliminated those foods from my diet, I started to drop the weight, I felt more alive and my sense of taste came back. I remember coming in to see you and laughing with you because I was craving spinach salad – because I literally felt my tummy sing when I ate a healthy green salad.


How has the nutritional consultations helped you continue to stay on your health journey?

I still come to see you to keep me on track, to help with my nutritional supplements, to get ideas for food, to sort out any niggling issues and to get my nutrition right for upcoming  events. I think that my food journey will be a constant refinement and adjustment and trial of all sorts of different foods – I love exploring new menus and recipes and ideas. I just really like food !


What advice would you give to others in similar situations as you found yourself those years ago?

Please Please PLEASE go and see Jess – the “grey” gradually creeps up on you and before you realise you are just “getting by” on a day to day basis. I firmly believe getting ones health on track starts with getting your diet and food intake right. Once you’ve got that underway then you will have the energy to focus and exercise and change your world.


How has your life changed since that initial nutritional appointment?

So much so that somedays I still can’t believe it – I get surprised as I walk past a mirror. To the point where people I knew from years ago ignore me as I go to say Hi because they don’t recognise me – I’m not upset – it makes me laugh and smile!  I’ve got a whole new lease on life and a whole new wardrobe and lots of very expensive sporting equipment! I’ve even kept my gym membership going for more than 2 years.


What are your future goals?

Right now to complete my first half Ironman and to continue to feel as fit and as happy as I do now. Even saying I’m doing an Ironman out loud makes me laugh – me – doing an Ironman?  Four years ago I would have been rolling around on the floor at the mere thought of it – actually my brother Andy and I do –we look at old photos of me and just fall about on the floor having a good laugh. My first Ironman is becoming a reality and I’m quietly excited.

I know I’ve turned the corner and I will never go back to the way I was – I’ve come too far. You’ve armed me with the knowledge and support I need to continue. 


{**insert teary practitioner**}


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