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operation nutrition – the end is just the beginning

Lahnee’s Operation Nutrition journey has come to end 7 months from our first meeting, yet in reality her journey will always continue to evolve as her new nutritional world opens up before her. Over the months I have spent with Lahnne she has reached outstanding results through realistic dietary changes that have suited her individual needs. No longer does Lahnee suffer with unexplained bloating, poor energy and tired skin. With the education of what works for her now under her belt, Lahnee can happily go forth and know what she needs to do to ensure she feels and looks great.

As you can see here in Lahnee’s before and after pictures there is a notable and exciting change from day one to now. My favourite thing about these photos is how Lahnee’s skin now glows. Believe me I have seen it in real life and it’s not just the lighting! It’s certainly not unusual to have such a glow when you’re beaming with good health. It is something I have seen repeatedly in clients over my years in clinic as they bring all the pieces of their own health puzzle together.

I’d like to thank Lahnee for being such an inspiring and amazing client through her Operation Nutrition journey. To share her personal journey with us is by no mean feat easy to do, and she has done so with welcoming arms. I wish Lahnee luck on her new adventures (she has moved now, so I will no longer have the pleasure of seeing her in Brisbane) and will look forward to seeing Lahnee feeling and looking just as healthy some time soon in her now home in Sydney.

To read Lahnee’s last entry on Operation Nutrition and see more photo’s visit her blog.

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