carissa mason, clinical nutritionist

The JCN Clinic Gut Health Workshop

Nature-loving and country girl, Carissa Mason is an accredited and practicing Senior Clinical Nutritionist at The JCN Clinic with eight years clinical experience. Carissa holds a Bachelor Health Science (Nutrition). Carissa’s degree qualifications are recognised by Australian Natural Therapists Association Ltd (ANTA). Carissa’s main interests are digestive health, hormones and genetics.

Prior to her study, Carissa managed cafes and restaurants where she worked with talented chefs. Her level of appreciation for food immensely grew as she was inspired to interlace her knowledge of cooking with nutrition.

Carissa is also known for her quirky personality accompanying Jessica on The JCN Podcast Show. Carissa joined forces with Jessica at The JCN Clinic in 2015 where she began her journey of helping a number of people carrying all sorts of health conditions.

Carissa’s key areas of interests of clinical nutrition are:

  • chronic digestive health
  • hormones
  • genetics