healthy new year nutrition package

The Healthy New Year Nutrition Package is here to help you start 2024 off on the right foot. The package is tailored to help you clean up your nutrition and set the foundations for a healthier and more vibrant you, for the year ahead. Whether you’re feeling exhausted and burnout from the year that’s been, or a little sluggish from all the festivities, this Healthy New Year Package will help you get back to feeling your best. This fad free approach will help you create healthy diet and lifestyle practices, to hit the ground running in 2024.  

What to expect as a results:

  1. Improved digestion (bye bye bloat!)
  2. Increased energy levels
  3. Nervous system support 
  4. Greater mental clarity 
  5. Improved overall health and wellbeing.


Yes that’s right! Sign up for the Healthy New Year Nutrition Package and receive a FREE gift bag full of healthy goodies from some of our favourite companies such as:

this package includes:

x3 comprehensive consultations held approximately every 4 weeks with Christine Smith:

  • Consultation 1: Initial 90 minute consultation – This consultation will involve an overall assessment and deep dive into your daily dietary habits, routines and overall health. We will use this initial consultation to create a realistic base for you to start with pertaining to dietary and lifestyle changes. We may also recommend supplements if we feel they are appropriate for you.
  • Consultation 2: Follow Up Consultation  – In this consultation your JCN Nutritionist will assess your developments to date after your initial consultation and inclusion of your dietary and lifestyle changes. From here we will build further foundational elements into your package in relation to dietary adjustments and individualised needs. This session will also provide accountability to help keep you focused and on track.
  • Consultation 3: Follow Up Consultation – In this final consultation your JCN Nutritionist will once again go through your dietary intake and review, ensuring you are understanding and including the dietary/lifestyle changes to date with out any major pitfalls. Your JCN Nutritionist will help you set up steps to use your new habits and knowledge to maintain your healthy foundation moving forward. This consultation will also be used to discuss final questions and assess if you would benefit from further treatment and support with your practitioner.

Prior to your initial appointment you will fill out a comprehensive JCN New Client History Form that will enable your JCN Clinical Nutritionist to have ample information on your current health and dietary intake habits.




To make a booking, simply visit the JCN online booking system here and choose a time suitable for  your Initial Consultation with clinical nutritionist Christine Smith. Alternately, feel welcome to pop us an email at or contact us here with any questions, or to make a booking via email. This package is available within Australia only.

Nutritional consultations are covered by a variety of health funds, so please check with your insurer to see if you are eligible.