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  • healthy gluten free vegan waffles healthy gluten free vegan waffles I just had to make a recipe for healthy gluten free vegan waffles or I was seriously going to be in trouble with my sister. My mum and I have been smashing out gluten and dairy free waffles when at her house in Yackandandah, but my sister is strictly an egg free gal. Egg seriously ... view recipe
  • gluten free anzac cookies w hemp seeds gluten free anzac cookies w hemp seeds So yeah, Anzac Biscuits aside, I just realised my cookbook. Like what?! Seriously, the last 24 hours have been a ‘pinch myself moment’. Even though this project has been going on solidly in the background for years – like a rollercoaster ride with serious ups and downs – in this current moment the ride just got ... view recipe
  • apple pie apple pie So this is one of the recipes I planned on sharing with you when I was away. I even got out the camera and photographed it in anticipation of putting the full blog post together. That might not sound like much of a chore, but with the relaxed level that I was at when baking ... view recipe
  • healthy jam drop cookies healthy jam drop cookies Firstly I should start with an apology. I’ve been ridiculously absent. I knew I’d pull back a bit while we were away in Italy but I didn’t think I’d go completely MIA. To tell you the truth it was nice to have a good break. I still enjoyed cooking and baking but it was nice ... view recipe
  • apricot, campari & honey cake apricot, campari & honey cake Well I’ve made it happen! My first official recipe post from Italy! It’s taken a bit more strategic work than usual getting it to come together, but here it is. Making the cake was the easy part; it was taking the photos without a tripod and then uploading them with the right wifi connection speed ... view recipe