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what do healthy everyday people eat?

Author Jessica Cox - 13th February 2015


I recently posted on the JCN Facebook Page a link to an article entitled 'What Nutritionists Really Eat in a Day' on The Coveteur with a question regarding realistic expectations. It provoked a lot of discussion, many of you questioning just how realistic some of these wildly ambitious healthy diets can be.

It can be ...

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braisen hussy cabaret cafe woodford

Author Jessica Cox - 27th June 2013

On a brisk and rainy wintery morning my sister my mum and myself set out on a drive to Woodford in seek of a hearty, intolerance friendly breakfast away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane. With empty stomachs grumbling away, (except for myself who had decided a pre ...

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mary cairncross cafe

Author Jessica Cox - 27th August 2012

Mary Cairncross Cafe is one of those ideal locations. Set in the hinterlands of Maleny this cafe offers stunning views out across Mount Beerwha and to the coast ...

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grub street cafe

Author Jessica Cox - 4th July 2012

Grub Street in Gaythorne offers a tantalising array of breakfast and lunch meals that cater greatly for diary and gluten intolerance’s. Refreshingly, there is not the usual substitutes used to create gluten and diary free meals, such as simply substituting the bread or omitting the dairy.At Grub Street ...

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kind living cafe, maleny

Author Jessica Cox - 21st June 2012

Kind Living Cafe located in the main street of Maleny is a raw foodies and vegan diners dream. The cafe offers a wide selection of dishes from breakfast through to lunch, snacks, desserts and everything inbetween. 

Breakfast meals include chia seed porridge, ...

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